why am i only motivated to sort my life out at 4am

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I’m at that stage where literally all I’m craving is sex

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Lol but I wouldn’t ask a guy about if another guy is cute. If anything I’ll be like “Is he a good look for me?”. But not “is he cute?”.

But her point is about asking if the guy is attractive tho, straight up, not half asking it in a way that caters to that a mans discomfort with his own sexuality

Um well I don’t think it’s catering, or necessarily always about a man being insecure about his sexuality. I just would not ask another guy, if another guy is cute. Me personally. I’m not catering to anything, bc I choose to frame my question a certain way. I don’t talk to my male friends like they are my girlfriends. And I don’t talk to my girlfriends like I talk to my male friends. Which I’m perfectly allowed to do. I agree with her point which I got, which is why I used “but”. Using conjunction words or phrases can mean: in addition to. So yes I agree with her point, in addition to that… I PERSONALLY… WOULD NOT, ask a guy if another guy was cute. That’s all I was saying.

respect. I really ain’t tryna be asked no shit like that either aha

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She should drug that white bitch up under a bus nasty ass hoe

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If you’re black and this isn’t on your blog… -_-

The power of that symbol! We are powerful!


Gotta pass it along

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